PEPS Consultancy services provide Private and Public Security Services to fulfill the needs of Organizations, Businesses and Individuals. Contact us today for Expert Security Advice for all Risk Assessment needs including Events, Weddings, Travel and Personal Safety.

Investigations in the United States and Europe

PEPS specializes in Domestic and International Investigations including: Child Custody dispute investigations, Criminal and Civil investigations, Matrimonial investigations, Personal Injury and Malpractice investigations, Legal investigations, Corporate and Loss Prevention investigations. Contact us to speak to an investigator.


PEPS Surveillance teams provides Advanced Technical Skills which enables us to obtain the client's expectations. To reach a successful conclusion we implement techniques such as Covert Tracking, Security Cameras and Specialized Surveillance Equipment. Contact us for your free quote.

Wedding and Event

PEPS prides itself on Professional Security Logistic Planning Experts for all of your events including GLA dinners and Weddings. We provide professional photographers, close protection operatives, and logistics planning expert. We guarantee our clients peace of mind for the entire duration of the event. Contact us for more information.

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When a Crime or Unjust Situation 

Has Been Committed Against

YOU or Someone You Know,

You May Feel

Desperate and Violated.

To Make Matters Worse, Conventional Law Enforcement 

Sometimes Doesn’t Have Their Priorities Focused On Your Case.

Leaving You … Feeling Even More Helpless,

Knowing the Criminals Are Still Out There!

If This Is Your Situation, Don’t Stand For IT.

Call PEPS To Make A Change!



Our private investigators come to us from a variety of professions and backgrounds, but what unites them is their desire to obtain justice for each client. Private criminal investigators at Personal Executive Protection Services (PEPS) Investigations are objective driven towards obtaining justice on your behalf. 

With PEPS Domestic & International Investigations, you have a chance to take charge of your situation when nobody else will. Our confidential services allow you to take initiative and get the results you seek. You can feel confident that you are defending yourself against unlawful acts. It is all-possible by hiring our professional investigators.

PEPS confidential private investigation services team is uniquely qualified to detect, compile, give evidence and deal with any investigation. We are “out of the box” thinkers that will pursue a case until the client is satisfied and the case is closed. Our European and United States investigator services include Civilian and Corporate Investigations, Threat Assessments, Surveillance, Event Security, Legal Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Personal Investigations, Accident Investigations, and Business Investigations.

For immediate assistance contact us at: US Tel# 888-851-9149 | EU Tel# 353 (0) 85-125-2288

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  • Do you need help to see the light of day and have some answers?

So why not take a stand and call one of our expert investigators to discuss your issues.

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